72 Hour Surf History

*Peak Swell Height this Week:

Updated: 7:00 pm on (Friday) 2.23.18
Condition Current 24 Hour Minimum 24 Hour Maximum
Primary Swell Height 9.2 ft. 4.6 ft. 9.2 ft.
Primary Swell Period 9.9 secs. 8.3 secs. 13.3 secs.
Primary Swell Direction ENE -- --
Secondary Swell Height 5.3 ft. 4.6 ft. 8.5 ft.
Secondary Swell Period 10.5 secs. 9.1 secs. 11.1 secs.
Secondary Swell Direction ENE -- --
Wind Speed 1 mph 0.0 mph 8.3 mph
Wind Direction South (offshore)    
Air Temperature 71°F 65°F 76°F

How this Works

The chart above has two lines which represent the forecasted swell heights (yellow) and the actual wave heights (blue) for Hookipa. The lines are not exact but ofcourse it is mother nature vs the computer.For more information on the details of this chart visit our help section.

View the historical data for this offshore buoy (51205).

30 Day History

How this Works

The chart above displays the average wave heights, temperature and wind speed for each day over the last 30 days.

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