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Solspot is a 100% FREE experience to users. Solspot is able to exist with the support of partners. Note – we did not say advertisers. There is a massive difference between the two and we pride ourselves on the combination of ads and sponsored content to enhance the user experience. Every partner has its own unique set of objectives and we will sit with you to develop a plan that answers your specific needs.

Surf Labor - one of our company pillars is to always support those who are at the core. We call this group Surf Labor. Our Support Surf Labor Initiative is very simple. Treat the small shop on the corner, the shaper, the girl who has a home-based office like our largest partner AND keep the price of ads artificially low. Give the little guy a chance to share their product or service with a large audience.

Feel free to drop a line to Aron for advertising opportunities: aron (at) solspot.com

Solspot offers standard IAB sized ads:

  • 728 x 90 Leaderboard
  • 300 x 250 L-Rec
  • 300 x 600 Big Daddy
  • :15 Pre-roll

Ad Specs:15 Pre-roll: Standard flash, animated gif, jpeg. Max file size – 50k

Video Spec: FORMAT: FLV 640×360 pixels (for 16×9) or 480×360 pixles (for 4×3), 30 frames per second, 800 kbps
Max file size – 2 MB

Solspot also offers a background skin to complement a full page ad campaign:

2000 x 2000
Jpeg only. Max file size – 50k
Solspot does support rich media ad units

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